HAY : Dot Wash Bags

$40.00 $48.00

another classic designed by jody barton for wrong for hay - these wash bags are an essential for make-up on the go, perfect for use as a dop kit for men, a pencil case for the kids and pretty much anything in between.

in a modern, monochrome print - you'll never leave home without it.

details :

Wrong for Hay is a collaborative venture between danish design brand HAY and london-based designer sebastian wrong. working with a wide spectrum of talented international desginers, Wrong for Hay launched in 2013 with a single mission: to experiment, play and push the limits of the design industry.

an oblong wash bag featuring a dotty black and white pattern. the interior is waterproof. designed by jody Barton and made in turkey.

materials :

- cotton & polyester

dimensions :

- small wash bag in white with black dots / L18 x W8 x H7 cm
- large wash bag in black with white dots / L24 x W11,5 x H12 cm


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