Woodlot : Face & Body Mist


a bottle of cool, calm, refreshed & collected from woodlot.

these everyday, all-day multifunctional mists keep you energized and just naturally dewy with just one spritz.

spray on face, body, environment or pillows for calming, (or refreshing!) properties. 


  • mist on face, body, environment or pillows for calming properties
  • rose floral water (also known as hydrosol) is an excellent skin toner mixed with witch hazel which is known for its calming and soothing properties. 
  • lavender & bergamot: a blend of lavender floral water with bergamot essential oil is both refreshing and soothing. mist on body or face on warmer summer nights. mist on pillows for a night full of sweet dreams. 
  • shake well to blend

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