The School of Life : Minimalist Notebooks


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from TSOL :

3 notebooks, 3 thinkers

history is filled with some fascinating 'schools of thought' dedicated to tackling life's big problems in distinctive ways. we've created this exquisite set of notebooks in honour of the minimalists.  

each notebook carries an introduction to a great minimalist artist on the inside front page, their name beautifully printed on the cover - and is otherwise empty for your own projects.

a set of three paper-bound notebooks | 125 x 178mm with yellow contrast stitch |  plain, grid and lined paper (one of each) | 64pp 

Twombly, Martin, Stella

"a large empty white canvas with a solitary deep black line down the middle. a splodge of purple paint against a yellow background. ten steel beams arranged in a neat pile. what does it mean? is someone making fun of us? how can they get away with doing so little? 

emerging initially in the US in the 1960s, minimalism is a strategic rejection of excess. (it’s not that the artists were too lazy to do more.) rather than simply show us the chaos, clutter and frenetic demands of modern existence, minimalism offers us a cure. simplify, reduce, concentrate on one thing at a time.

minimalism is an approach to economics and daily life presented to us in the guise of an art movement.


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