Stop The Water While Using Me : Cucumber Lime Hand Soap

$20.00 $32.00

it's finally here!

the soap to go with the ever-popular hand balm; this gentle, yet amazingly fresh soap loves the dirty work. with mild cleaning agents and real cucumber extract, it cleans and cares in one as it also moisturizes stressed and dry skin.

natural lime gives this soap an additional invigorating and revitalizing kick.

details :

- 200ml

- vegan / all-natural

Cucumber extract: this makes the skin soft and smooth, provides and retains moisture, is wonderfully refreshing and soothes stressed skin. Cucumber is revitalising, firming and astringent. It is extremely good for both greasy and sensitive skin.

Lime: Lime essential oil has a stimulating, refreshing effect on both your skin and your mood. It is an astringent and also helps your body to strengthen its natural defenses.


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