Reassembly : Botanical Fragrances


vancouver's josée gordon is the magic behind reassembly.

"reassembly is a philosophy that takes high quality,organic and well sourced ingredients and re-assembles them into something finer, beautiful, more - through the magic of alchemy..."


  • this small-batch collection of organic & luxurious botanical fragrance oils are carefully aged until each composition is perfectly blended and absorbed into the organic fractionated coconut oil base, a delicate oil chosen for its stability.
  • this form of fragrance is potent and will stay with the wearer for longer than the solid form, therefore they can be used together to create depth and longevity or for personal fragrance blending, using two or more fragrances.


  • BLACKWOOD/ velvet black forest // blackwood is sweet and earthy, with powdered incense tones. seductive, hypnotic, ancient. // bergamot, musk, agarwood, vetiver, patchouli dark
  • COCO 77/ tropical garden shower // fresh and unexpected, an herbal aura dances while coconut melts into warm skin. // fig, mokeflower, green coconut, mandarin red, white thyme

  • LUPA/ warm, sensual, primal // inspired by the pagan celebration that predates Valentine's day (called Lupercalia) Lupa is the she wolf that suckled the gods. // rose otto, aloeswood, clove, nutmeg, patchouli light

    • MOSSCAPE/ rainforest fougère // inspired by a men's lavender water recipe from the 1800s, buttery fresh, creamy clean. // lavender, oakmoss, sandalwood, japanese peppermint
    • MOUNTAIN MILK/ forest voodoo // sandalwood, black spruce, cedrus, fir needle, vanilla bourbon
    • NYC/ concrete elegance // sensational, precise, chaotic, city streets meet plant life  // jasmine sambac, rose maroc, leather, galbanum
    • TOBACCOSUITE/ classic 70s tobacco // inspired by Hockney's 70s poolside paintings, hazy, smokey, sweet vividly intoxicating. // tobacco blonde, vetiver, ylang ylang, coriander, black pepper
    • WHITEWOOD/ naked skin on forest floor // elegant and wild. slightly undone, sultry, nonconformist. // oud, ho wood, himalayan cedarwood, sweet and bitter orange.




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