Little Barn Apothecary : Flowers + Pink Clay Dry Shampoo


full disclosure: washing my hair is an epic battle between good & evil, between truth and a lie, and of course, the constant tussle between the affects of weather on my  mane & my in/ability to get out of bed. dry shampoo is nothing less than a gift from on high. little barn apothecary's flowers + pink clay version, is no exception.

this lovely powder helps to refresh your scalp and keep your gorgeous strands free of grease and grime when you don't feel like giving it a wash. delicate flower essences create a crown of soft floral to keep your locks smelling fresh. a unique blend of ultra absorbent pink kaolin clay and volumizing rice starch is a perfect on-the-go/post workout/after a long weekend stretch between shampoos.

details :

  • ultra absorbent, all natural clay. pink clay is considered to be the mildest of all the clays and works well for normal and sensitive skin types. its unique composition makes it great for the scalp & hair. easily works into all hair types - leaving no residue or hint of cakey powders. 
  • sprinkle powder on roots to mid-crown in between washes -  work in with fingers or brush through. 
  • voilà! amazing volume & freshness.
  • you're welcome.

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