Little Barn Apothecary : Coffee + Mint Bodyscrub


Made with organic fair trade hand ground coffee beans and pure cane sugar that draws in moisture. Coffee is packed full of antioxidants and caffeine to revive and firm the skins appearance. Blended with fresh nuances of mint. Chocolate like with fresh mint. Energizing.

details/ingredients : 

  • coffee beans / organic, fair trade coffee beans provide a jolt of topical caffeine to help firm and tighten skin. ground beans are the perfect exfoliant for a gentle, all-over body scrub.
  • coconut oil / another powerhouse of nutrients, this ever popular oil is loaded with amazing moisturizing benefits. coconut oil provides a great supply of essential fatty acids, making it the perfect anti-aging solution.little barn uses pure, virgin, non-GMO coconut oil; so you can use this scrub and skip the moisturizer for the day. 
  • peppermint oil / cooling, clearing, and up-lifting; a subtle hint of mint makes this scrub fresh and cooling.

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