Little Barn Apothecary : Cocoa + Cardamom Detox Face Mask


good enough to eat? probably. better for you skin? you bet.

this dry mask from Little Barn Apothecary is a deeply detoxifying formula that packs cocoa and hand ground cardamom seeds - both of which have been known for their healing and antibacterial properties. they also have a knack at naturally increasing your skin's surface circulation to help open pores and eliminate toxins and impurities from within. gross, but awesome.

details :

  • cardamom: helps in hydrating. healing powers identified since ancient times for antibacterial properties, warming of skin, oil regulation, and smoothing firming effects.
  • cocoa: a super antioxidant. cocoa works against oxidative stress, one your skin's main enemies due to UV exposure, chemicals, and daily environmental pollutants. cocoa recharges, and invigorates skin to help reverse oxidative stressors.
  • rose: naturally toning and balancing, rose is perfect for controlling excess oil, unclogging pores and keeping your skin looking taut with rosy glow. 


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