Areaware : Contour Key Rings


who knew a key ring could be so covetable? 

a stylish brass key ring, the contour key ring doubles as an unexpected accessory - pair it with one or many keys. this cool piece of hardware, designed by karl zahn from brooklyn, will make your keys impossible to lose and a pretty swell to look at.

designer : karl zahn

details :

the contour key ring closes neatly with a screw clasp. wear the ring around your wrist, (makes walking the dog, or carrying groceries up to the house a bit less complicated), or clip it on to the straps of your handbag. made from 10 gauge brass wire (1/8 inch).

- brass

- Bend (4" x 2")

- Bell (4" x 4")

- Drop (4" x 3")

- Hoop (4" x 4")




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