well, hullo.

hi. hope you're doing well. it's been, oh - just a little while. i came, i went. i stopped by for just a spell, and again, went missing for a bit. i know, i was a real flake. i started this site an age ago -  back in 2005 when i still had my looks and long brunches were still an option. a wee bit (skint), started out as a long-form wishlist, with a bent for high fashion and a tongue-in-cheek sense of humour. although the humour and high fashion remain, things have changed over the last seven years. namely love and marriage. plus a house, a dog, and then, for those who didn't skip to the last page, a baby. but, the baby isn't really a baby anymore, she's more of 3-going-on-27 type, and as she's grown, i have too. but, just a little bit. so, not only do i have a keen eye on the catwalk; kids clothes are super sweet. you'll also notice i've become a little bit infatuated with seeing how the other half live and more importantly, where they got that lamp. so, welcome to a wee bit... reincarnated. it's me, only older and tired-er. but better, much, much better.