Vitruvi : Modern Apothecary


The olfactory nerve responsible for our sense of scent is our most powerful, yet most underutilized of the senses.

Vitruvi experiments with the power of scent using inspiration from traditions around the world to create blends that allow you to weave the benefits of essential oils strategically throughout the rituals of your modern day.

Vitruvi is a modern aromatherapy company bringing the benefit of scent to a new generation.

With unique blends of 100% organic and natural essential oils sourced from over seventeen countries around the world, Vitruvi uses the science of scent therapy to create innovative elixirs for everyday problems. Using only the highest quality ingredients, the oils are gathered in small batches and are bottled in environmentally friendly packaging in their studio in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

All natural & 100% against animal testing. 

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