Four sisters make up 'Le Sorelle', the family-run company behind the UASHMAMA® brand based in Tuscany, Italy. Linking tradition, craftsmanship and innovation, UASHMAMA® paper products are handmade using virgin fibres from cultivation and not through deforestation. The manufacturing process is similar to that used to produce leather, with each individual sheet of paper stretched and tanned to produce a durable and washable paper. Originally designed as bread bags, over time UASHMAMA® paper bags have proven themselves to be so much more. They mold and shape with ease and their usefulness is limited only by their owner's imagination.

Uashmama : Card Wallet


Uashmama : Cosmetic Bag

$45.00 $34.00

Uashmama : Hold Bag


Uashmama : Metallic Paper Bags


Uashmama : Paper Bags

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