Little Barn Apothecary : Bamboo + Fresh Mint Clearing Mist


Give yourself a quick spritz of hydration.

A gentle moisturizing and clearing mist for use after your usual cleanser. Ultra hydrating bamboo combined with brightening and clearing licorice root, witch hazel, and purifying spearmint. 

details :

- licorice root: anti-inflammatory and whitening properties are probably the most well-known qualities in licorice for skin. licorice also has powerful antioxidants that help protect the skin from free-radical induced damage; it's also fantastic for those with acne-prone skin.

- bamboo: bamboo extract is a highly concentrated substance derived from the common bamboo plant. bamboo is a highly renewable resource, and can be sustainably harvested for its extract, making it an ecologically friendly choice. it is one of nature’s best sources of silica; an extract from the bamboo plant contains around 70% silica, so it is highly concentrated for some amazing results. because bamboo extract contains silica, it can help your body to produce collagen. collagen is the connective tissue in your skin that gives it elasticity, preventing wrinkles and age lines. collagen keeps skin healthy, smooth, soft, and youthful! your body produces less of it as you age, however, which is why you develop wrinkles.

- spearmint: spearmint acts as an anti-pruritic agent that means that it can soothe and calm skin that's itchy or infected. it is a natural astringent and helps to prevent and heal problematic skin conditions.


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