paint it black.


i'm prone to wearing all black.

top to bottom, and all the bits in between.

heathered, washed, faded, saturated, and worn - most don't match, but the point gets across. i'm an ardent fan of the darkest, inkiest hue. 

it bodes well, then, that it's not only the outside and gloriously superficial that can reap the benefits of what the darkest charcoal can offer us.

activated charcoal can keep us looking pretty minimal and clean on the inside, too - and has done for hundreds of years.

if you're like me, someone who becomes an oil slick by 10am, or can get a bit of the bloat after a glass of wine, charcoal is set to become one of your desert-island must-haves.

activated charcoal's long list of pros reads a little something like this:

it can be used to relieve bloating and gas, for hair and skin, to detoxify and exfoliate, to treat insect stings and mild infections and even to whiten teeth; i could go on for miles. 

for me, charcoal proves to be one the most effective ingredients for my blemish-prone, oily and aging skin. Binchotan's range of charcoal-laden products cannot be beat, (the facial soap will stay by my side until the end of time, as will with these blotting papers).

one of our original mainstays, Herbivore Botanicals Charcoal Bamboo soap - draws out impurities and works as a super-gentle exfoliant.

just as it can pull the ick out from your skin, charcoal can do the same from the inside out - though it might seem wholly weird at first, Village Juicery's Detox Tonic is a great sunday morning start, (or, make like me, and gulp one down any time you're feeling sluggish or overwrought).

charcoal is a no-brainer - inside or out, black looks good on everyone. 






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