“mirrors should think longer before they reflect.” // j. cocteau

i have an uneasy relationship with mirrors.

of course vanity will forever get the best of me, and most things that give off any whiff of a reflection will get a passing glance.

it's human nature, (i hope), but it's forever at odds with what my deep-dark-psyche runs on in the hamster wheel of my mind. from the neck up, i'm on reasonable terms with myself - but, it's a rare and comically sad day when my eyes meet my reflection from the shoulders down. i just don't have the energy to be that critical with myself anymore, so i'd rather just make-believe that certain parts of me don't exist, unless they're covered up in my rather minimal and always black clothing.

let's not delve too deeply into this, or take it too seriously, otherwise i'd end up paying you an hourly fee, and not some professional on a bi-weekly basis. i do adore a good mirror though - how else would i peer so deeply into my own eyes, and get that cat-flick liner so perfectly feline every time?



→ source : flip mirror in black via normann copenhagen

→ source : adnet circular mirror via gubi

→ source : hay scribble mirrors, get one, here!

→ source : me mirror via asplund

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