“everything we care about lies somewhere in the middle, where pattern and randomness interlace.” // j. gleick

there is no table of contents to find the precise spots in my psyche to point anyone in the right direction of my likes, wants; and the randomness of things i find myself attracted to.

i can hardly tell you why a geometric line makes my head spin, or why a spool of cotton twine can break any sense of will, and how some arbitrary curio placed just so on a bureau will make the day just a bit sun-shinier. i suppose that's what is meant when 'life is in the details'. those random, seemingly nonsensical line-items that perhaps don't scan for anyone else, but just happen to make your life, yours.


→ source : zig-zag pillow via leif

→ source : playtype caledonia jane poster found here

→ source : big game cargo box via haus

→ source : kip & co easel quilted bedspread via let liv

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