"if you want to catch more fish, use more hooks." // g. allen sr.

considering my taste in decor - you'd think i'd subscribe more readily to the 'less is more' ideal. clean lines and geometrics is where my eye stoically sits, but that's all on the surface, easy to see. my secrets lurk inside every drawer and behind every closed door; the silent messes of my excess.

better behaved than i was before, it's not a matter of accumulation, but one of intense procrastination. i'm neat on the outside, chaotic on the inside, like some warped kids' candy. i hate filing, i detest the idea of 'spring cleaning', i turn a blind eye on things that don't interest me, until they can no longer be ignored because it's all come falling down around me - a pile of papers, a jumble of tissue, an onslaught of coats and scarves from every-which season.

and though i know at some point i'm going to have to put it all away in some tidy fashion, for now - i'll just keep putting up hooks in the hope that they'll bear the weight of my idling.




➝ source : dropit hooks via normann copenhangen

➝ source : dots by muuto

➝ source : the perennial eames hang-it-all via dwr

➝ source : oyoy tippetop hooks found here, with us, at bibelot & token

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