“more than kisses, letters mingle souls.” // j. donne

i started reading at a fairly young age.

i didn't have much of a choice in the matter - my brother, three years older, came home one day, splotchy and itchy about the face when i was about four years old. my mother, being the most efficient person you'll ever hear stories about - thought it best to get the pox over with, and told me to go play, and HUG my brother, a lot.

his chicken spots were gone within a week, mine however, were a particularly stubborn case, and lasted the better part of a month. quarantined, stubborn, and determined - i learned how to read. and ever since then - letters and words have been my constant companions. so, it doesn't seem so odd - that even now, i swoon so easily at something as simple as the letter of the day...




➝ source : 'it's ok' banner via secret holiday

➝ source : playtype 'B' print find it: here.

➝ source : arne jacobsen letter cups via the modern shop

➝ source : maison martin margiela cotton calendar via high snobiety

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