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i couldn't even make it to 7pm the other night. i had fallen asleep, (i was on the sofa, mind), head collided with a pillow, hands on my keyboard. i did take some small solace in the fact that i was hard at work when it happened.   the week was so long, and SO full of news and new things arriving at B&T HQ, that it's been a bit difficult to keep up - and let's be honest, by the time friday evening barrels in, we're all in need of a quick kip. 

i'm all sorts of in love with the gorgeous prints from london-based, spanish architect and designer carmen von trueba - they came in and i'll be honest, it took me a bit of time to get them online because i was thinking about where i could possibly hang a few pieces in my place first. the eames print reallllly speaks to me. i think you'll really love these graphic, modern pieces - though they're rather subtle and visually precise, i adore the subtle warmth they exude.   

i'm also so excited that stop the water while using me will be re-stocked and re-energized with a handful of new items that are bound to get you cleaned up right. i'm willing to bet that the cucumber lime hand-soap is bound to be a cult-favourite, considering how difficult it was to keep the lemon honey hand soap on our virtual shelves. i'm thrilled to be the only canadian retailer of this fab line - be sure to check them out if you haven't had the chance to yet.   

am i done? nope - there's more! if you need to pause for a moment and get yourself a drink and a snack, go on, i'll wait.... you're back? okay! let's get to the rest:  

nor-folk's perpetual type calendar is in, and is absolutely perfect. it's gorgeously understated, monochrome-to-perfection and wholly functional. you'll honestly never need for another calendar again - i'd apologize, but when it looks this good, i don't see the point. trust me, you'll thank me later. 

also, we were launched on giftagram this week! it's all sorts of fun. if you haven't had a chance to check it out yet - be sure to head to the app store on the quick! working nationally at the moment, but launching in the states soon, if you need a gift and need to make it snappy - giftagram is the place to go. three steps, and a whole slew of products at hand - and your gift is delivered within three days. convenience, thy name is giftagram!  

okay - and this is where i'll take my leave - it's canadian thanksgiving this weekend and while we're all off enjoying the october sun, trytophan and sweet potato pie - don't miss out on your chance for 15% off all orders and our always-free shipping within canada! use code heythanks! at checkout. after all, where would i be if it weren't for all of you? this was long - but so was the week! enjoy your weekends all - we'll see you soon!






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