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to be honest, i didn't think i'd get to a place where i'd be able to bring in pieces that served as the initial inspiration for the shop - those pieces that i had admired, (read: lusted) for so long; to now have them in the shop, is a total thrill.

one of the first brands that i wanted to a) hang on my walls, then b) bring to you, was the adventures of..

and so, today's the day that we're welcoming these gorgeous prints, original work by the adventures of... modern artwork - with elements of hand-drawn type, gorgeous metallic foils, story-telling, deep affection, creativity and more - 

"Welcome to The Adventures Of. We believe adventure is all around. Not only high on mountaintops, or deep in the woods - adventure is also waiting to be discovered in life’s more subtle moments. The Adventures Of is a husband and wife design and stationery studio. Our work celebrates both the big and small adventures in your life. We make greeting cards to put smiles on faces and art prints to invite happiness into a room.
Inspired by storybooks where you choose the ending, our mission is to create without rules or boundaries. Our designs are playful and quirky, nostalgic and modern, current and classic. Each The Adventures Of product is an adventure all its own … our handcrafted designs involve an intensive technique involving sketching, illustrating, hand-lettering, painting - perfected until they are just right. Each design is then printed on the best paper stocks and finished by hand in our Sydney studio.
Our artwork beckons you to imagine, explore and discover.
After all, life is the adventure."
get yours - an exclusive batch of prints, in store - now. 

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