on inspiration.



inspiration is a clever concept. 

considering that most of us can find it in the oddest of places - sometimes it can seem difficult to pinpoint where your influences found their genesis.

i mean, i can find it in plain brick walls painted clean in black and white, in a shiny white countertop, and occasionally in a mess. but mostly, i've spent so many regular business hours online, that it's pretty much a guarantee that i've found my voice and my aesthetic identity through the broader perspectives of living a good chunk of my adult life on these internets. it's not a surprise - i don't think technology pushes us farther away from people, i think it can bring us closer - and if we use it to our advantage - oh, the places we'll go! 

where'd the seeds of my style come from? how did my creativity get sparked? and how and when did my affection for style turn into what i wanted to do?

well - it took time and there are so many others out there who just knew all along, and were kind enough to share...

click their fab logos - and off you'll go... 





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