settle in.



currently we're sitting at a rather balmy 22°C, the sun is shining and the jackets that were mandatory this morning are now a nuisance. 

you couldn't be blamed for thinking that autumn had quietly set up shop this weekend. it was blustery and rainy - the perfect combination that leads to a duvet day, netflix and pizza on repeat. needless to say, it's a good thing i'm a fan of greyscale - because that's pretty much all that was on offer this weekend. 

don't get me wrong, this is SO NOT an airing of grievance, no way - this is me finding opportunity amongst the change of season - i live for autumn, everyone knows i'd love a permanent october - it's all coziness and comforters; candles and staying in. the most perfect excuse to re-jig, redecorate and refresh your surroundings.

go on - get your sweats on, get comfortable.


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