collected creatives : shogo okada


shogo okada hand draws, cuts, rearranges and prints graphic elements lifted from the likes of curious george, peanuts, the simpsons and more. "while both a formal and technical exploration of his material, process and content; the resulting work has a strong minimalist impact, utilizing strong fields of colour with familiar elements shifting locations through his body of work. okada's work is a fascinating glimpse into the considerations of an artist born and raised in the hyper-pop world of japan. okada manages to establish a connection between the state of contemporary comics and animation with a nod to the histories and ethos of both minimalism and pop art."
i adore how okada's work is both a serious look into inspiration, craft, and precision - countered with the lightness of his inspiration - comic strips, beloved characters, then he infuses it with the familiar and the nostalgic; and in the end produces modern and affecting work. 

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