it's been a long winter. long, like, super long. 

and if you're anything like me, i start to slow way down by mid-february, in need of a huge spike in caffeine intake, or the promise of a bit more sunshine and a little less slush. i'm hoping that since the upcoming vernal equinox is 17 days away, we'll be able to pare down our layers and exchange them for warmer days and lighter coats. 

rest assured, if you thought i came here to talk about the weather - you'd be right, but i'm also blathering on because i'm so thrilled to introduce a few new members to the b & t lineup. i love these new products - and i hope you will too!

we're bringing in eastern collective and triple c to bring a bit of modern edge to your tech accessories, and i'm absolutely thrilled about kiyoko lip balm! 100% natural origin ingredients, organic - and the packaging is everything you could hope for. i'm fairly certain your lips, (cuticles, elbows, what-have-you), will thank you! but don't take my word for it - come take a look and see for yourself.

i'm eagerly anticipating the arrival of spring and for you to find out about our new brands at bibelot & token!

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