it's fairly simple, and infinitely dangerous to be in the position i'm in. granted, i willingly and happily put myself in this position, but it's tricky nonetheless.

since i write a pseudo lifestyle-cum-fashion blog and run this little online shop, i run the risk, a very HIGH risk of completely obliterating my credit rating and becoming an unwilling participant of the TLC classic, hoarders.

so instead, i window-shop and covet intensely, and then i pass those feelings on to you, because there's no way you can resist the pretty and i'm just that generous. oh, the pretty.


hay shapes mirror in aqua hexagon via darkroom london

the yet-to-be released 'helix' bracelet via the boyscouts and of course, yours truly





brick pillow by normann copenhagen via the modern shop

bibelot & token - the yarn // b & t's blog

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