what do you do when you have the smallest of existential crises?


i mean - mine, it wasn't full on or anything - hyperbole and histrionics aren't usually my thing.

my 'usual thing' is to let myself fester with a thought until it drives me to distraction - then i plumb forget about it. you see, it's simple to talk myself out of doing something - getting up the bottle to do any one thing that gives me the slightest bit of excited-anxiety, scares me just enough to stall. stall until the engine light comes on and i'm hailing the first cab out of here.

this time though, i bit the bullet and took a straight line from point a and followed it directly to point b - and finally decided to do something i love - and with that, meet bibelot & token - my new online shop. 

take a look around, tell me what you think. we're open all day...


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