normally, i'm not one to bask in the sunlight and covet warmth, (i prefer knits and shivers to sweaty brows and sizzling carseats); but something happened between the early april snowstorm and the frigid temps that followed suit - i started craving sunshine and temps closer to 15 than 5. spring seemed to have fallen by the wayside, and i missed it. me! i missed it.

but, finally - it's here and i'm relieved. it'll pass by the end of may when the humidity creeps in and i'm no longer comfortable in anything i wear, but for now... spring. it's here and i've got a few new faves.


Olio E Osso No.6 BronzeWoodlot Jar Candle in HeatLittle Barn Apothecary Flowers & Pink Clay Dry Shampoo ▹ Stop The Water Lemon Honey Hand Soap ▹ Reassembly Botanical Frgrance in BlackwoodBDB NY Catch All Dish 


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