"i bought my brother some gift-wrap for christmas. i took it to the gift wrap department and told them to wrap it, but in a different print so he would know when to stop unwrapping." // s. wright

i remember, very vividly the room i lived in until the age of three.

it had a small, dark, wood-framed bed, pushed against the wall - across from what seemed to me at the time, a very large landscape window - the sun always woke me up.

most of all though, i remember the wallpaper.

it had an off-white background and cartoon-like animals on repeat - lions with smiles and untamed manes, purplish grey elephants, moss green turtles, and snakes with sunny dispositions. i absolutely loved it, and in retrospect, adore it more for how unabashedly happy it felt, and for the fact that underneath that thick layer of paper, were at least ten more layers glued underneath; artifacts of the past, a history of an old house, dogeared by seams coming unglued; like wrapping paper coming off the corners of gifts.

it kind of makes me want to wallpaper every wall in the house, just so my little girl can unwrap a little bit of her own life in real-time.


→ source : cosmic splash via aimée wilder

→ source : 90's basic via chasing paper

→ source : angle wallpaper via clever spaces/ferm living

→ source : herringbone adhesive paper via livettes

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