infinite / pretty.


“simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” // c.b. luce

i’ve never been one for flash.

i know diamonds are a girls' best friend, but i feel like my dog gives a better cuddle; so, i’ll leave the gleaming baubles, the jangly and bright for those who can pull it off with humour and a ton of style.

my eye has always directed me to the simple and minimal; and beyond that, it's always suited me more than the complicated and elaborate. 

granted, i do like to wear a lot of it and most of it all at once, stacked and banked - so chances are, you’ll hear me coming before you see me. it's why that all the lines i found myself carrying in the shop, were the ones i wore even before B&T was a shiny, glimmer in my eye... tried, true, and infinitely pretty.


clockwise from top left:

louise kragh double pearl ring // lune bracelet from the boyscouts

lou ring from stvdio brooklyn // chock a block necklace from maslo [coming soon!]

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