normally, i'm not one to bask in the sunlight and covet warmth, (i prefer knits and shivers to sweaty brows and sizzling carseats); but something happened between the early april snowstorm and the frigid temps that followed suit - i started craving sunshine and temps closer to 15 than 5. spring seemed to have fallen by the wayside, and i missed it. me! i missed it.

but, finally - it's here and i'm relieved. it'll pass by the end of may when the humidity creeps in and i'm no longer comfortable in anything i wear, but for now... spring. it's here and i've got a few new faves.


Olio E Osso No.6 BronzeWoodlot Jar Candle in HeatLittle Barn Apothecary Flowers & Pink Clay Dry Shampoo ▹ Stop The Water Lemon Honey Hand Soap ▹ Reassembly Botanical Frgrance in BlackwoodBDB NY Catch All Dish 



of course i hope that we're all showing our mums - or anyone who had a hand in raising us, or showed us the way, assembled meals with varying levels of deliciousness, laundered our clothes, kissed our bruises, wiped away tears & snotty noses, attempted to help with math homework, navigated mean-girl syndrome with us, said nothing when we dyed our hair pink, or dared bat an eyelash when we did nothing more than roll our eyes at anything and everything they said; to those who held out their hands through life's bumpy terrain, whenever we needed that little bit of extra support - here's to not keeping mum on how much we adore you.   



left to right // top to bottom:

Maslo chock a block necklace ▹ OYOY bobbel mini candle holder ▹ Quitterie by delfonics zip pouch ▹ Reassembly botanical fragrances ▹ Olio E Osso tinted balms & stains ▹ Louise Kragh fresh water pearl necklace ▹ Stop The Water While Using Me cucumber lime hand soap ▹ Herbivore Botanicals Calm Dead Sea Bath Salts ▹ Little Barn Apothecary Coffee + Mint Body Scrub


“i think people make their own faces, as they grow.” // e. blyton

i don't try and seek out my reflection - truth be told, a lot of the time, i'd rather hide away from it entirely.

it's just always there. i catch myself in shop windows, in the mirror of our hallway mantle, and in the door of my fridge; a familiar reminder that perhaps i should forget about the ice cream that resides inside of it.

removed from vanity, i think looking at yourself is simply intrinsic. i think it comes down to curiosity - one that comes in the shape of a body - in the way our noses scrunch, our smiles are crooked and our eyes, crinkle with laughter. it's an experience that travels in tandem with living a life - figuring out who we are, and what that might look like to other people. 

if we weren't such nerds about the human condition, why would we keep collecting things that remind us of what we look like. or, is it because we're just that self-absorbed? :)



➝ source : 'sing' by the ever wonderful studio arhoj

➝ source : société anonyme tote via farfetch

➝ source : 'peekaboo' card via people i've loved

➝ source : lashes catch-all dish from bdbny & [coming soon! #swoon!]


"i bought my brother some gift-wrap for christmas. i took it to the gift wrap department and told them to wrap it, but in a different print so he would know when to stop unwrapping." // s. wright

i remember, very vividly the room i lived in until the age of three.

it had a small, dark, wood-framed bed, pushed against the wall - across from what seemed to me at the time, a very large landscape window - the sun always woke me up.

most of all though, i remember the wallpaper.

it had an off-white background and cartoon-like animals on repeat - lions with smiles and untamed manes, purplish grey elephants, moss green turtles, and snakes with sunny dispositions. i absolutely loved it, and in retrospect, adore it more for how unabashedly happy it felt, and for the fact that underneath that thick layer of paper, were at least ten more layers glued underneath; artifacts of the past, a history of an old house, dogeared by seams coming unglued; like wrapping paper coming off the corners of gifts.

it kind of makes me want to wallpaper every wall in the house, just so my little girl can unwrap a little bit of her own life in real-time.


→ source : cosmic splash via aimée wilder

→ source : 90's basic via chasing paper

→ source : angle wallpaper via clever spaces/ferm living

→ source : herringbone adhesive paper via livettes


"better keep yourself clean and bright; you are the window through which you must see the world." // g.b. shaw

going all natural wasn't a choice - it was just a matter of time.

and to be honest, i'm not all the way there, and i'm not sure if i ever will be.

i like whatever it is that's in my hair products that makes my hair matte and piece-y, i enjoy whatever terribleness is in the polish i wear that makes it stick for almost two weeks at a go, though i don't enjoy the acetone that burns it, and a layer of my already paper-thin nails clean off with it.

it's just that in certain areas - say, the lion's share of the skin on my frame, it's either that the clean options for getting washed have outnumbered the dirty ones; or perhaps i'm just starting to take better care of myself.

granted, i ate a twix bar for dinner the other night, but you have to start somewhere.



clockwise from left:

honeysuckle + grapefruit body oil / little barn apothecary

cucumber lime hand soap / stop the water while using me 

lapis facial oil / herbivore botanicals

reassembly botanical fragrances 

vitruvi / wake aromatherapy oil

french melon balm / olio e osso


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